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DDD with repository by JPA: simple example

Under develop The code published is a simple example with the following requisites: Stack: Java SE (model) Java EE (JPA) Dependencies management: Maven Model: Based on DDD Using of repositories Core: Completly agnostic from the persistence infraestructure Persistence: Implemented by JPA – EclipseLink Using Collection-Oriented repositories Ports as contractual definition for persistence functionality Methodology: TDD… Read More »

Game of Life Kata

  Links Game explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway’s_Game_of_Life Github solution sources:

Birthday Greetings Kata: Implementing by hexagonal architecture

Developed by Manuel Rivero & Nico Cortés This is a simple refactoring exercise by Matteo Vaccari that is meant to teach something about dependency inversion and dependency injection. The documentation: http://matteo.vaccari.name/blog/archives/154 We refactored the initial code to decouple domain objects from file system and email sending using ports and adapters as the exercise suggested. We think there’s… Read More »

The ‘Self’-Shunt Unit Testing Pattern

 Let’s say that you are a test case. One of the things that you can do is pass yourself to the objects you are testing so that you can get more information.  (Michael Feathers) Links Example sources: https://bitbucket.org/cogani/self-shunt-example/src Article: The ‘Self’-Shunt Unit Testing Pattern, by Michael Feathers